How To Adjust The Electric Hair Clipper?

- Apr 07, 2018 -

Early electric pusher is to rely on the butterfly nut to adjust the tightness of the blade, when there was a hair clip can't use electric pusher, in addition to all the blade on the ground after the screw nut at the same time to start the electric pusher, straight gave a quack just loosen the nut, so repeated several times to clean up the hair clip in the blade, join after adjusting nut elastic sewing machine oil, which is not quacking, it can be used.

Early electric pusher can't adjust hair root stubble length, and now the power pusher don't have to adjust the tightness of the blade, you can also through the blades before and after the displacement to adjust the roots stubble length, light weight and low noise, especially the ceramic blade electric pusher, almost no wear and tear will not clip hair need not add lubricant.

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