How Much Does Hair Clipper Cost ?

- May 21, 2018 -

 How much does hair clipper cost? 

1. Cheap 

Basic hair clippers cost about $ 7 to $ 10 (the price is based on 1000 sets). At the high end of this range , you can find a handful of gems , which are great for occasional use or shaping up a professional haircut . The cheapest models may perform fairly poorly , though .

2. Mid-range

Models in the $ 10 to $ 30 (the price is based on 1000 sets) price range are good for regular home use . However , they may not perform quite as well as high-end types or come with as many accessories.

3. Expensive

Expect to pay $ 30 to $ 70 (the price is based on 1000 sets) for high-end home hair clippers and $70+ for professional-grade models. These clippers are fast , durable , and lightweight , plus they perform exceptionally well . They come with a wide range of blades and other accessories .


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