How Long Will Change The Shaving Head Blade ?

- Apr 25, 2018 -

How long will change the shaving head blade?

1. Normally, one blade should be changed every 5-7 times. But how long it takes for the blade to change depends on how close the man's beard is, and how often the face is scraped.

2. After brushing, use a brush to remove the chips from the blade, and then spray the cleaning and disinfecting lubricant to keep the blade sharp.

3. Clean the cutter head frequently, but be especially careful not to damage the blade during cleaning. When rinsing the body with water, the body is best not to touch the water. If the product you are using is wet and dry, the base part should not touch the water, so as not to damage the motor.

4. Do not use an electric shaver that has insufficient power. Reluctant use can cause internal damage to the motor of the shaver.

5. The edge and the hole of the inner and outer blades are easy to hide into the shavings and dander. It should be used after each use.

6. try to use a small brush to clean. Because the solidification of the shavings and skin oil will interfere with the movement and sharpness of the blade, it is necessary to remove the debris remaining on the blade.

7. because the outer blade is thin, so do not push the blade, so as to avoid deformation. Once shaped, it will hinder the rotation of the inner knife, or it will cut the skin when used. If the cutting edge is deformed and damaged, it should not be used, otherwise there is a danger of cuts.

8. Switch off after use. To protect the blade, you must put on the protective cover, then put it in the box and store the razor in a dry place.

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