How Can I Cut A Man's Hair By Using Electric Pusher?

- Feb 14, 2018 -

1, good side and the back of the head electric clipper card 3 mm length directly push past, pay attention to the side and back of the head between the head and set aside part of the hair don't touch, this part of the hair finally hair clip to make sure that the two parts have a transition. Pay attention to your scalp and push it a few times to prevent long hair from remaining. When you cut the back of your head, you can only feel the length of your hair and repair it with your fingers.

2, the head of hair cut trimmed with his teeth, as far as possible the hair of place only need to use the position of the teeth cut at 1 cm above the hair root cut, need to cut short teeth cut cut quite a few times in the length of the need to position.

3. The transition zone can be treated slowly with the teeth, which makes the transition of the two parts very smooth. It is time consuming, or the length of the electric shearing card (not to be careful with the hand residue), gently "erasing" in the hair of the transition section. A few more times the transition zone is flat. It is difficult to deal with the transition area between the back of the head and the head.

4. Trim the hair in the ear and the hair on the sideburns. Hair on the temples is very important, and this part of the hair and the hair on the neck can be trimmed with an electric razor.

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