France Customer's Order With 1500pcs Ox Horn Comb Are Ready, Waiting For The Shipment

- Apr 12, 2018 -

France Customer's Order With 1500pcs Ox Horn Comb Are Ready, 

Waiting For The Shipment

Our France customer's order with 1500pcs, now all finished, we send them to the Ningbo port today. 


For this model, usually, our customer use them for barbershop or supply for home use, this ox horn comb with the real horn material, so it can massage the brain scalp and head nerves, promote blood circulation, relax tension and fatigue emotions, the production process is traditionally handmade. as we know, many combs on the market can cause static electricity, but for the true horn combs do not make static electricity.

we have many different ox horn comb with different shapes, and our supply capacity can reach 1000000pcs each month, so if you want to try, please contact me, this is my email:

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