Flower A Aunt 9 Years Free To The Community Old People Hair Clipper Use Bad More Than 30.

- Apr 07, 2018 -

Mr. Xu has damaged at least four electric razors a year for the elderly.

At noon yesterday, xu cuifen, 60, walked in the neighborhood and was greeted by someone who "went for a haircut again". Since 2008, xu cuifen has been responsible for cutting the hair of the old people in the community of lianxi temple in wuchang, with more than 10,000 haircuts and more than 30 broken electric haircuts.

Yesterday afternoon, wuhan evening news reporter in lianxi temple community met xu cuifen, 60 years old she is full of spirit, full of laughter. In 2007, he retired from home to take care of the disabled father and the disabled son. As both of them were not able to get a haircut, she bought a hair tool and began to teach herself.

In April 2008, the helpful xu cuifen applied to the community to set up a barbershop, and she wanted to have her hair cut for free in the community.

From 2008 to now, xu cuifen has been working for the community for nearly nine years. Every Monday at 8:30 am to the community, set up a haircut, no matter the wind and rain, the thunder can not move. The fame of xu cuifen's "Monday barber shop" also spread.

She kept eight books, which contained names and Numbers, and this was her line book. It turned out that as more and more people were looking for her hair, some old people would argue about who to start with. Xu cuifen bought a notebook, and every time he opened the stall, he took out his notebook and signed the order in order. Now she has started using the ninth book.

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