Epilator Use

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Hair removal methods are many, including the direct use of hair removal forceps to pull the hair directly, but it will bring pain and inflammation of the pores and other sequelae; without a week, the new hair will grow out. In addition, the use of scrapers, hair removal wax, hair removal cream and other supplies to help hair removal, but may cause skin irritation, sensitivity and so on, and the final hair will be from the same hole to grow out, always repeated hair removal. Over time, the pores will become more and more rough, which is the beauty who most do not want to happen to them.

In addition, there is a scientific method - laser hair removal method, this method is expensive, but not necessarily achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.According to the shortcomings of various hair removal methods, high-tech products for a beauty who introduced the world's first "electronic permanent Epilator. "

This epilator is easy to use: just use a special pliers on the top of the epilator to keep the hair off for 30-45 seconds (depending on the length and thickness of the hair), then the hair can be pulled easily go with.

In the whole process, the epilator has no direct contact with the skin, but the electromagnetic waves emitted from the epilator directly reach the bottom of the hair, causing the hairy root cells to coagulate and necrosis. Therefore, greatly reducing the pain caused when the hair was removed, and the hair will not be regenerated.

Electromagnetic waves will also be pulled out of the natural contraction of the pores of the hair, to avoid pores become rough and inflammation of hair follicles appear?

We may wonder whether the electromagnetic wave from the epilator is safe? It has been experimentally proved that the electromagnetic wave emitted from the permanent epilator affects only the cells of the hair root. It is completely harmless to the other cells of the body and can be safely used.

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