Epilator Maintenance Guidelines

- Jan 03, 2018 -

1. Wash the blade frequently, but be careful not to damage the blade during cleaning. You can use the brush along the blade to remove hair debris, and then spray the cleaning and disinfecting lubricant to keep the blade sharp.

2. The blade and skin close to achieve the best results. Use, the angle between the tip and the skin is best to maintain ninety degrees, so that the blade can be unobstructed access to the skin in order to achieve the best hair removal effect.

3. The most common tool head cleaning method is to use water rinse. In the use of water rinse, knife body best not to touch the water, in order to avoid mechanical failure. If the product you are using is a wet or dry type, do not touch the base part of the water to avoid damaging the motor.

4. Do not use low-power electric hair removal device, reluctant to use will make the internal motor wear and tear.

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