Electric Shear Head Maintenance Methods

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Head Maintenance: The new head material is made of steel, before using the new bit head grinding head to the steel body with a protective film before use. Do not head or water, or rust easily oxidized.

Usually maintenance: the use of the blade will be the top of the blade pushed to the side inside the broken brush clean, the same brush the other half. Then push the blade in half and drop a drop of oil on one side to protect the blade.

Weekly maintenance: with the cutter oil in the container, cut the cutter head, the tip of the electric shears stand in the oil inside, start the electric shears for 1 to 3 minutes, the head chip internal debris cleaning clean.

Disinfection head: the use of professional maintenance disinfectant, alcohol can not be replaced (that will damage the blade to make it oxidized), you can also use ozone disinfection or disinfection cabinets high temperature sterilization, UV irradiation can also be disinfected. The purpose is to avoid the cross-infection of pet-borne dermatosis with the tool-borne bacterium.

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