Does The Teeth Number Of The Hair Clipper Blade Will Influence The Cutting Result Or Effort ?

- Dec 15, 2018 -

Does The Teeth Number Of The Hair Clipper Blade Will Influence The Cutting Result Or Effort ? 

Blade for professional rechargeable hair clipper used in barber and salon : 

-- 24 teeth blade 

--25 teeth blade 

--19 teeth blade 

--33 teeth blade 

(you will find those blade in our website) 

*24teeth blade is the most common and mostly used blade now in China Barber and Salon market , and also for other countries . As a professional blade , the material of the moving blade( we also can call it cutting blade , small blade or up blade ) is made of Ceramic, white color, many people will misunderstand it with white plastic , actually, it 's ceramic with higher hardness,and durable life time , and  better sharpness.The fixed blade ( we also can call it comb blade, big blade or downside blade) is made of stainless steel. some with golden titanium coating, some not . now, in the market ,most of the fixed blade are made of China steel, not imported . the life of the blade will last for about 1 year.  Any if customer request more better and duable cutting, we will recommend to use Taiwan imported stainless steel. for sure with a little bit higher price . 

*25 teeth  blade is very simlar with 24theeth, one more teeth can improve the cutting , to make it a little bit easily .

*19teeth blade is a very special one. the distance between two teeth is big,and that means, more hair can go inside , this can make the haircut more efficiently, and especially, for AFRO hair , the hair clipper go with this 19 teeth blade will be the best choice. 

*33 teeth blade is with very thin thickness, it can make the haircut really short, just bald. and also can be used as a trimmer fuction.  used on sideburns , neck, or for make the tattoo.  

In short ,when you choose the hair clipper , you need to think about  what kind of the blade you need? and what's  your main customer 's hair? sofe ,hard, curved , or ?  

We always recommend our customer to choose one 24teeth blade for sure  and 33teeth  and 19 teeth for extra .  

For more information, please contact us ! 


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