Different Type Of Battery For Hair Clipper And Hair Trimmer

- Mar 15, 2018 -

Different Type of Battery for Hair Clipper and Hair Trimmer

Now, in the market , the most common battery type are :NI-CD   NI-MH   Li-ion 

For professional use hair clipper , those three type of the batteries all can be used. 

NI-CD now is almostly be weeded out in China market, due to it's short operation time, and long charging time .


NI-Mh still use for China Barbers , but this battery also need to charge for long time , and use only less than 1 HOUR  .but better than NI-cd ,and price higher than  NI-CD . 

Li-ion now is the most popular one , with short charging function and long operation time, some model can make even with 10hours operation time, like our private brand "ARCESS "  model SN-TC998,  with 4400mah battery capacity, For sure Li-ion battery  hair clipper is expensive then other two battery, however , now , in china, the Li-ion battery technology is more and more advanced and improvement, the cost goes down a lot , and hair clipper factory develop some economic li-ion type hair clipper with lower price.  this is very good and nice hint for all the barbers and hair  dressers . 

For Hair Trimmer , the most common battery is NI-CD and -NI-MH .

In China market  now NI-MH use a lot. Hari Trimmer alway with small size and slim design ,  the inside space is limited, that's mean , it can only contan smal capacity battery , like 600mah or 800mah . we can not expect it to have like 2200 or 4400mah. so usually all the trimmers only can work for short time,and need to recharge . 

No matter what type of battery you choose, it all have it's advantage or disadvantage.

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