Differences Between Hair Clipper Battery

- Apr 23, 2018 -

 Differernces between hair clipper battery 

1 . Ni-CD

It has been widely used by the general public early . It can be repeatedly charged and discharged 500 times , but about 10 times after the charge and discharge will have a memory effect . It also has the disadvantage that during charging and discharging , the cathode of the battery grows needle-like crystals of cadmium , sometimes penetrating the separator and causing internal dendrite-like short circuits . In addition , due to the cadmium content , it must be recycled .

2 . Ni-NH

It is the mainstream environmental protection battery on the market , and it is better to sell in the European market .  The power reserve is 30% more than that of Ni-CD batteries . It is lighter than Ni-CD batteries , has a longer life , and is environmentally friendly and has no memory effect . The disadvantage of Ni-NH batteries is that they are smaller than lithium batteries and do not support fast charging.

3 . Lithium

The lithium battery is a smart battery that can be used with a dedicated original smart charger to achieve the shortest charging time , maximum life cycle , and maximum capacity . Lithium batteries are currently the best performing batteries , but one drawback is that they will explode . However , under normal circumstances , it will not happen .


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