Correct Use Of Hair Cutting Tools

- Feb 10, 2019 -

1. Electric razor:

(1) full push: also called are pushed to holding electricity push handle the predecessor right index finger and thumb, and the other three means and hand holding the pusher after a bust, left hand upward, comb, comb comb on the surface of knife rack, wrist joint basic motionless, rely on the former elbow forward them gently, this method is suitable for men's hair back in central, supported by both sides, and short the top of the class (such as: flat, round head).

The semi-push: this method can not use a comb, slightly to the wrist in or out of the operation, make push knife up half, this method is suitable for ear cheek edge and head some undulating parts.

(3) backward push: is the knife tooth plate downward action, modify the outline of the edge line "fly", after the ear, neck back baseline edge of the shape line cut, but should pay attention to, the knife on the tooth plate can not be too prominent, can not exceed the lower tooth plate, otherwise it will hurt the skin.

2. Scissors:

With the development of The Times, hair cutting technology is constantly improved and updated to meet the needs of various hairstyles, which can be roughly divided into clip cutting, pick cutting, supporting cutting, grasping cutting, thinning cutting and sliding cutting.

• clip: is one of the most widely used female pruning methods, through the partition, split, cut out the contour, hierarchy, shape line, the method is to put the right ring finger in the scissors static ring, scissors in no use when the knife point up, hold in the right hand at the mouth, the ring finger is still covered in the ring. Thumb and index finger with a comb, from ceding of hair to offer one piece again, with his left hand index finger and middle finger clamp, hair length is not more than the fingers, the thickness of not more than the finger diameter, then hold the scissors hand loosen, put your thumb in scissors ring, then the left index finger and middle finger grip the hair hair end will spare parts to cut and make the perfect hairstyle outline. The method that clip has two kinds: one kind is to cut the hair that shows outside pointing back, call to point back clip or point to outside clip. One kind is to cut the hair that points to abdomen inside, call to point to abdomen clip or point to inside clip. When the operation, the hair that finger clip wants to have certain Angle, normally have flat form, inclined form, circular arc to wait, clip cuts general from forehead ministry begin, cut lead or baseline first, divide good hair to layer by layer again backward, piece by piece put down ordinal clip.

(1) correctly grasp the Angle of lifting hair, lifting hair Angle size, determine the level of the level, usually large Angle, high level, small Angle, low level.

(2) correctly grasp the point of using scissors, according to the requirements of hair, clamp the fingers of the hair, there is a certain direction and point of view, the scissors should follow this direction and Angle to cut, if cut to keep hair length generally adopts flat cut, if make the hair have a certain level, generally USES the oblique shear, different parts of the hair, using different Angle of the clip, can form the high end of different level.

(3) the hair that clip wants straight, cannot askew or have loose have tight, after the first hair is cut, the hair that should contain the first part when cutting the 2nd piece makes a wire, with this accurate, make each hair piece thereby between hair link up without error.

The scissors: also known as the knife point scissors, scissors is a piece of hair with fingers, with scissors tip hair end cut into a sparse sawtooth shape, make the hair elegant, dynamic, the size of the scissors can be based on the design requirements or hair volume.

(3) slippery shear: slippery shear is the use of scissors sharp blade on the hair from top to bottom of the slide, cut or cut the lower part of the hair (hair tail).

(4) of pick cut: is with scissors sharp tip, thin hair end method, more for bangs, but should pay attention to the level, so as not to be out of joint.

It is set to clip with your fingers on the scissors, it is usually used on the edges of the workshop.

[6] catch cut: it is the hair with scissors to cut a knife after converge to form the outline and level. When grasping cut, should comb the hair smooth, pull straight.

3, paring knife: with a finger clip a piece of hair, paring knife in the hair of the hair from the top of the slide, the hair cut.

After the correct grasp of the Angle of the knife and hair, the Angle between the knife and the hair cut should be between 15 to 40 degrees.

The strength of the hand to be appropriate, fingers clamping the hair, the strength should not be too tight or too loose, when cutting with the wrist, so that the hair will not be cut.

4. Tooth scissors (saw tooth scissors) :

After the corresponding thinning parts to know, generally on the forehead, temples or head parts to cut less, after the head can be appropriate to cut some, but not too much.

The essay must be in a crosswise direction with scissors, and to keep moving, otherwise it will be cut off too much and cause disjointed, empty.

5. Hair comb:

(1) with handle hair comb: cut female hair when the choice.

The two points thick fine tooth hair comb: for male and female short hair.

(3) is small copy comb is cut close to the scalp with short hair, especially for the head or temples.

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