Cordless Hair Clipper Is More Fitting For India Market

- Mar 28, 2018 -

cordless hair clipper is more fitting for India market

Many customer will give us the feedback that, why  when they use the corded hair clipper , the noise was so big . and the whole hair clipper will virbrate . 

As you know, for each corded hair clipper , before they go out of the factory , it all need to test and inspect by QC . so why this problem still happen?? 

Not considering of the damage of the machine during the delivery , the unstable voltage in India will be the main problem.  The frequently change of the voltage will caused the clipper with big noise. 

but for cordless hair clipper (rechargeable hair clipper ), the votalge is mostly 110-240V , that means, no matter what 's local voltage  is, the adapter of the hair clipper all can coordinate accordingly . 

and if the hair clipper has the funtion of over-charging and over-releasing  protection, it can protect the motor and battery in a good condition and extend the using life for whole hair clipper . 

For conclusion ,cordless hair clipper can support stable quality and longer using time for India market. 

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over charging protection Adjustable Speed  hair clipper.jpg

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