Comprehensive Introduction Pet Scissors

- Apr 18, 2018 -

 Comprehensive introduction pet scissors 

At present , the top grade barber scissors commonly used in the market are from the origin , such as Japanese scissors , American scissors , German scissors , Taiwan scissors and Korean scissors . The origin of scissors is mainly distributed in guangzhou , Shanghai , jiangsu and zhejiang provinces . Through these years , I feel that the material is Japanese scissors , followed by Germany , Taiwan , if it is Japanese scissors , and then Taiwan . I'm measuring it in general, not absolute . 

Because each country produces a pair of scissors to have a class . Said from the brand on the market , common sign on the beauty of Taiwan's scissors , beauty by senior William founding the one-armed man of god , the scissors is Japan's technical characteristics , but at home is of medium quality . In fact, the brand is an American trademark. It has been used by Taiwanese companies to buy brands. It is a junior pair of scissors, and the scissors of the three-meter pet international are the new brands that have just been produced in recent years . Really get in touch with the contact area small scissors to Japanese scissors cuts have light - the butterfly - tianyang, Taiwan scissors mad dog , DH , flying , dancing water , cross , etc . These scissors specific origin twittering I don't know much about , but through the contact and grinding feeling their material and workmanship and price also is ok .

Actually buy scissors is not choose the brand and purchase price , appearance more often choose to internal quality and good after-sales service for hairdresser when shearing scissors gap will appear not carefully or underground broken cannot use at this time you must repair grinding , if you have a good after-sales service you don't need to worry about to fix the problem .


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