Choosing The Right Electric Clipper Motor

- May 22, 2018 -

 Choosing the right electric clipper motor

1.The pivot motor

Hair cutters powered by pivot motors are suitable for everyday cutting and are enjoyed by casual users and professionals alike. Their distinctive feature is high cutting power paired with low blade speed.

2. High speed

Summed up, this means you simply get things done quicker. A pivot motor’s blades get pulled in both directions, so your hair clipper produces twice the number of blade strokes. This leads to pivot motors being twice as fast as the usual magnetic-powered hair clippers.

3. Many accessories 

We could tell you that a pivot motor has no spring , but comes packed with a total of two electromagnets. But you don’t really  care about this fact. What matters is that hair clippers running on a pivot motor come with removable plastic guards/combs. Swap one out, put the other. It’s that easy and effective.

You’ll also see a lever on the side of pivot powered clippers. It adjusts the blade, bringing it closer perfect for fades, if you’re into that . The last point  , the pivot motor is very good at cutting heavy , damp or wet hair.

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