Chengdu's Oldest Female Hairdresser 82 Years Old A Scissors Has Been Used For 60 Years

- Jan 03, 2018 -

In the small Guanmiao Street, a home-bell Barbershop. No shampoo chairs in the shop, can not see the fashion magazines, can not hear the pop music. But it has the old scissors of the 1950s, one of the oldest hairdressers in Chengdu, and decades of old customers' memories. "I have to think about retiring, too," stroked her for 60 years with scissors, the 82-year-old barber said.


Stay in the latest tool is hair dryer

More than 20 square-sized houses, front-facing, back-home. There is no fashion hairdressing equipment, the latest tool is two hair dryer, shampoo here, customers still have to bend over the nozzle flushing.

Inside the façade are two dilapidated barber chairs, a small boiler, two washbasins, a disinfecting basin, a dipped wooden counter, a slightly dim vanity mirror on the wall, a very clean terrazzo floor, and two Rusty ceiling fans are turning.

Paid 20 years old love the store's old chair

Barber called Zhong Shizhen, 82 years old, tough body, hands and feet deft. She chatted with reporters, the hands of the razor is still walking in the face of an elderly, hand steady, expression of indifference, a paragon of the Paizhuizhe. The guests under the razor, eyes closed, safe enjoyment, apparently very confident. "She should be the oldest hairdresser in downtown Chengdu." Zhang Grandpa, who is in the shop's haircut, said: "I like this old shop and feel comfortable, especially when I shave my face and close my eyes. Old chair. "Uncle Zhang patronized the store for many years, but also countless years of their own number," say less than 10 years, 20 years or so. "


Old shop to close the most reluctant customers. At 6 o'clock in the morning every morning, grandma Grandma, who lives alone, got up and started exercising on time and opened the door at 8:30. "After 40 years of practice, there is no going anywhere." Grandma Grandma spoke a lot lower here.

Grandmother told reporters that he really likes hairdressing, neighbors and neighbors have a lot of feelings, "children have long advised me to retire, recently I was thinking, it should be a break." She said that in fact, the most dismay is the neighborhood neighbors And patronage of her for so many years, "the old barbershop has its meaning, the surrounding old people like to come to me, or haircut or blow a cow, just like home."

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