Cautions For Baby Hair Clippers

- Sep 16, 2018 -

To avoid injury, check the blade of the clipper before use.

2. The main engine and blade will get hot after a long time of use. It is recommended to shut down for 10 minutes first, or the baby will be scalded if the temperature is too high.

3. Please remember to disconnect the power after use.

You don't need to wash your baby's hair to trim it. Dry hair is easier to trim.

Your baby's clipper should be water free and should not be used to repair wet hair, or there will be electrical problems.

6. If there is a fault in the hair clipper, do not disassemble and repair it. It is better to choose professional maintenance.

Be careful when trimming sideburns and ears. Don't get too close to your baby's skin.

8. Baby clipper is a special tool for trimming baby's hair. Do not use it to trim pet hair.

9. After use, remember to clean up the broken hair before putting it away.

Hair clippers should be kept out of reach of children, in case they get damaged or hurt themselves.

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