Canada Customer's Repeat Order Of The Barber Trimmer And Nose Trimmer Is Arranged

- Sep 29, 2018 -

Canada Customer's Repeat Order of the Barber Trimmer and Nose Trimmer is Arranged

After 2 months since our last order's shipment , one repeated order of the barber trimmer was placed few days ago , and also adding one new item :nose trimmer.  

Customer ordered the nose trimmer for many years from Yiwu of China before worked with us, price and quality can not compete with ours and then transfer the order with us.  

we help customer to make the new design of the package  . and the design was accepted very fastly.   

The order of the barber trimmer seems go smoothly and stable,now, the market for the barber trimmer , hair trimmer is developed very fast , and in china , more and more factories start to design  new barber trimmer or already have new models  and put in the market  that would be a good sign . 

Our aim of working with the customer is not only work for just one item , we can help customer to develop new item step by step . 

SN-HK5017.jpg   nose trimer  supplier cheaper price.jpg

barber trimmer order , nose trimmer order .png

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