Canada Customer Place Order Of 1000pcs Cordless Hair Trimmer With Ergonomic Design

- May 25, 2018 -

Canada Customer Place order of 1000pcs Cordless Hair Trimmer with Ergonomic Design

Today is a lucky day for us, one Canada customer that we already contected for more than 2 years , placed the order with us  for the hair trimmer model with 1000pcs. 

he was previously ordered with other company , and this time, said his payment was stolen for some resaon. and dispointed with the old factory, and asked us for help.  

We feel lucky and  happy that customer would like to think about us when they met some problem. during the past two years, we answered each question this customer asked , though he order with others . we like helping customer to solve all the problem they meet ,and give suggestion.  two years waiting is worth  at this moment .  

Reputation and patient are so important for establishing  a new business relationship . we take responce for each customer , and for each complain , we choose to slove , but not to give up .  Thin blade hair trimmer.jpg

Thin blade hair trimmer.jpg



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