Canada Customer Confirm The Order Of Rechargeable Hair Trimmer Model SN-HK5017

- Jun 09, 2018 -

Canada Customer Confirm the Order of Rechargeable Hair Trimmer Model SN-HK5017

We are so glad to get Canada customer's order for our rechargeable hair trimmer after contacting with him for more than three years. 

Actually , he ordered  this model from other company already,but got the problem for the payment, the problem is not solved with customer's expectation. so , he turn back to me .  

During those three year, we keep communication, even without any order, we answered all the question he listed for the hair clipper ,and share our idea for the market. We always belive that , the time and patience you spend always worth to get  a good result .  

In most of the time, product itself take only a few %  in the business,but the one who they contact with , and how 's the reaction they take  by facing some complaint or quality problem  matter a lot  when customer want to switch the supplier.  

Our Supernanny will take  all the response that we need to , and give the quick reaction and solutions. 

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