Can Children's Hair Clipper Become New Business Opportunities ?

- Apr 08, 2018 -

Can children's hair clipper become new business opportunities?

As the service industry becomes more and more mature today , the consumer market also tends to be more and more differentiated . Studies have shown that the consumption market of infant children is huge , and the annual consumption of infant children in China reaches several hundred billion yuan. Such a business opportunity for many businesses to focus on the children market segment . In addition to the traditional infant and baby products store, children's haircuts , children's photography and other specific industries for children have gradually become the mainstream trend of development . It is becoming clear how the market for infant children will become a new nugget .

At some point , a few children's barbershops , which specialize in cutting children's hair , appear sporadically . The barbershops have their own unified standard : colorful walls , car seats up and down , the TV that plays the cartoon. , candy and toys everywhere...  It's like a simple children's playground .

The emergence of children's barbershops has solved the problem that many parents give their children haircuts , and parents are more comfortable with a more detailed and professional barbershop than with their children's hair in an adult barbershop.

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