Baby Hair Clipper

- Oct 11, 2018 -

 Baby Hair Clipper 

A baby hair clipper is a special hair clipper. The volume of this kind of hair clipper is small, the safety is high, use to give the baby haircuts, can reduce the fear of the baby already, can help the baby to trim beautiful hairstyle again successfully. However, the new mother can be difficult, the ability of this ability is good, the ability of the ability is almost, always afraid to give the baby's hairstyle to be broken, how to use the baby hair clipper is? Let's explain a little bit.

Let's start with the technique of shaving the whole hair:

1. The mother can install the appropriate comb (3mm-6mm, 9mm-12mm) according to the need;

2. Press the bottom of the comb to the baby's scalp and push it from the four sides to the top;

3. Repeat shaving to keep the hair even.

4. Alternately push and shave, leaving no residual hair.

Then, the following tips:

If you use a 12mm comb, you can use a 9mm comb for your hair. With a 6mm comb, a 3mm comb is used at the hairline.

Then I'll talk about the technique of hair-raising:

1. Remove the comb, gently contact the skin with the tip of the blade, and push slowly toward the arrow;

2. Press the baby's ear with your hand to help push it.

3. The two ends of the blade are arc type, which is safer to use.

Finally, the tips for shaving and sideburns: just push the knife right at right angles.

Mothers need to remember to help the baby with a haircut, never get tough with the baby's hair, in case the skin is accidentally scratched. The best way to do this is to do it when the baby is fit or asleep. If you can get the baby to fall asleep and get a haircut while he is asleep, the baby will wake up amazed at his big change! Of course, if the baby is still small, he doesn't have to wait for him to fall asleep, and it's nice to have his hair cut while he's eating .


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