A Brief Introduction To A Baby Hair Clipper

- Jun 19, 2018 -

The Baby Hair Clipper can also cut the hair when the baby sleeps, and it will not be woken up. It's easy to cut more hair for the baby. A baby haircut can be cut, cut and combed from top to bottom. The layers of both sides and feet can be easily cut out; it can be easily trimmed and pruned and pruned. The haircut can be made with "hair cut". The unique design of the knife does not damage the tender skin of the baby; the storage box keeps the hair crumbs, and it will not make the baby itchy and easy to clean; the quiet design will not wake up even when the baby is sleeping; the colorful and lively design makes the children like;

The thin safety design, the mother's handy operation, has a haircut function that can both trim the natural bangs and trim the head too thick; remove the lid of the box and shave off the hair and the hair of the temples.


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