3 Models Of Barbers Hair Clipper Sample Delivered To Dubai Customer

- Jun 30, 2018 -

3 Models of Barbers Hair Clipper Sample Delivered to Dubai Customer

Barber Hair Clipper is totally different from the clipper that used at home, now,in dubai or all the middle east market, most of the customers buy the hair clipper for home use,it occupied big percentage of market , or even some one buy the home use hair clipper as professional.This not mean the barbers choose the wrong model,but because of they do not see any new fresh hair clipper model in the market, or they did saw , but the price they can bear . 

here for one of our dubai customer ,we preppare the following three models.  one is the traditional corded hair clipper . another two are cordless barbers hair clipper




After attend the Beauty Middle East Exhibition  May in Dubai , and met many customer there , i got very deeply impression that , no matter Dubai , Iran, Iraq , Jordon or other middle east market , the hair clipper they used now are so similar. brand same, quality same. sales price same.  If every customer disctirbute the same item with same price,how to gain the competition ? but if lower down the price to gain the competition ,how to promise the profit?? 

After talking with all those customers , parts of them already realized this , and want to make some change, but not easy for them,main market aleady have the fixed brand of hair clipper, new brand or type of hair clipper for sure will take longer time into market  and will go slowly.  

my company get ready for this slow launching and sellling process , and, want to find some customers that with the same idea with us, and would like to bring some fresh and totally different  style or quaity hair clipper to Dubai market or any middle east market . 

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