2018 Many Carbon Brush Motor Hair Clipper Are Replaced With Brushless Motor

- Mar 23, 2018 -

2018 many carbon brush motor hair clipper are replaced with brushless motor

This year, we replace many  hair clipper model with brushless motor , the old carbon brush motor is not use again.  and it will not influence the price alot , comparing with some brushless hair clipper made in Korea or Japan, China made brushless hair clipper  got more advantages in price and quality. 

The brushless motor used in hair clipper or other home aplliance products will the tendency in those few years. 

the difference of brushless motor and carbon brush motor lies as the follwing : 

Carbon brush motor:

*heating very rapidly, the high temperature will destory or influence the inside device of the hair clipper, shorten the life of the hair clipper .

*the life of the motor itself will be shortened very quickly .

*it can not support big or strong enough output power 

*the life of the motor is about 1000-2000 hours. 

Brushless motor :

*quiet operation , low heating 

*no interference of inside device 

*running smooth and fast 

*the life of the motor is about 10 times than the carbon brush motor .

Brushless motor as a new develop technology , it starts to develop during those 3 or 4 years ,and now, the place of shenzhen ,shanghai,china  alredy have the whole set or muture industry chain . the cost  start to low down a lot and used more widely in many ares , including in hair clipper . 

So,in the following year , for all the new developed hair clipper , the brushless motor would be a necessity for all the China clipper manufacture . 

So , now, please check the hair clipper on your hands, if you still keep use the carbon brush hair clipper, it's your time to contact us .we will recommend you some good selling one with better price . 

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